Make sure you don't let them land on your luscious cake! You wouldn't want your customers complaining of stomach trouble, would you?

Common fly species

House Flies

Musca domestica

Appearance: Ash gray to black

Size: Up to 12mm long

This fly has a relatively short life span, but can lay over a 500 eggs in its lifespan. They can breed in any decaying matter, and with the Philippines' favorable humidity levels, can hatch into larvae within the day, and can be pesky flying adults within a week. These flies are distinguishable by the wider space between its large compound eyes.
Fruit Flies or Vinegar Flies

Drosophila spp.

Appearance: Dull tan to brownish yellow

Size: 3mm

These flies are smaller than the common house fly. As the name suggests, they are attracted to the sweetness of ripe fruits, where the females lay their eggs. Because it's attracted to yeast-fermented materials, they can be a serious threat to food and beverage manufacturing plants like food-canning facilities and breweries.
Drain Flies or Moth Flies


Appearance: Dark colored; have moth-like and hairy wings

Size: 10mm

These flies are present indoors, and lay their eggs in gelatinous deposits or sludges in and around drains, from household sinks to large commercial plants.
Scuttle Flies

Megaselia scalare

Appearance: Yellowish or dull brown

Size: 5.5mm

These flies are usually found in garbage, and are often associated with decaying organic matter or the fungi that grows in the garbage.
Blow Flies (Bangaw)


Appearance: Metallic blue, green or black

Size: 6-14mm

We typically see these large flies when there is decaying matter nearby, such as dead animals or faeces. This is definitely one dirty fly you wouldn't want around in any restaurant or food-manufacturing facility!
Flesh Fly

Sarcophaga spp.

Appearance: Looks very similar to the House Fly except for black and gray stripes on its thorax and checkered-like markings on its abdomen.

Size: 2-18mm

The Flesh fly feeds on decaying meat or flesh such as animal carcass, etc. This species is used in forensic entomology.
Black soldier Fly

Hermetia illucens

Appearance: Black or blue in color

Size: 20mm

Sometimes mistaken for a wasp due to its slender body, the Black Soldier Fly is typically found in and around garbage, particularly with decaying vegetables used for composting.
Biting Midges


Appearance: Light brown to dark brown

Size: 3mm

These flies look like mosquitoes, and the female adult also bites. They enter homes and buildings through gaps and are attracted to lights. They breed in still and stagnant water outdoors.

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Why efficient and consistent fly management is crucial to commercial establishments

Ruin reputations
Flies can ruin reputations because they're usually associated with poor sanitation
Disease carriers
Flies can transmit any disease-causing organisms
Financial losses
Flies can spell greater financial losses to farm owners

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