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Need a specialty service? Below are service programs that provide true pest and pathogen worry-free experience, whether in commercial, industrial, or residential spaces, or even entire communities.

Pest management services

Our pest management solutions are uniquely customized control programs anchored on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques. Our IPM programs are a mix of solutions: non-chemical practices and devices, expert technical consultancy, and hygiene maintenance chemical supplies. Our programs are also designed accordingly to match the unique conditions of each establishment.

TermX Replenishment System (TRS)

Covers: Termites

Areas: Commercial, residential

PIXA is the exclusive and only accredited installer of Australia's No. 1 chemical delivery replenishment system. The TRS is the only high-pressure chemical delivery piping system for maximum soil coverage, and even applies foam to cover all gaps or soil subsidence, leaving no space for termites to breach or penetrate. This is best installed during the construction stage, and ensures the client's peace of mind with the system's 50-year warranty.

Covers: General insects, crawling and flying pests

Areas: Commercial, residential, factories, livestock or agricultural farms

Our general pest management program is designed specific to each establishment and the pest's biology, habits, environment, and operational conditions. We don't just spray for the sake of spraying!

Covers: Rodents

Areas: Commercial, residential, livestock or agricultural farms

Our rodent management programs are adapted to prevailing pest conditions. Rat control is not a one-time service and will take several visits. Depending on the recommended program, PIXA's RatX program could include collection-disposal services, results mapping, and more.

Covers: Dust mites, bed bugs

Areas: Commercial, residential

Our PIXA AllerX service components include physical clearing of affected areas such as vacuuming and steam treatments. AllerX Plus programs are also available for more complex problems involving airborne allergies.

Covers: Bats, birds, snakes, bees, various wildlife

Areas: Industrial and manufacturing facilities

PIXA's AnconX is our IPM-based management of other animals or wildlife that invade human habitats. PIXA's technical expertise and dedicated service technicians are committed to manage these animals with care to avoid damage or disruption to the area's natural ecology.
PIXA Barrier-PRO Pest Exclusion Services

Areas: Commercial, residential

Barrier-PRO is PIXA's pest-proofing service to limit and manage pest entry points, breeding or resting areas, and other structural conditions that promote persistent pest prevalence. This IPM-compliant service is available in basic, intermediate, and advanced levels.
PIXA Community Vector Management Program

Covers: Dengue, rodent control

Areas: Residential villages and subdivisions

Expertly programmed community-wide vector control programs for sustained control and prevention methods against medically-important diseases such as Dengue, whether for villages, entire cities, or provinces.

Covers: Beetles, weevils

Areas: Storage facilities such as warehouses, silos, ships, etc.

Comprehensive, HACCP and IPM-based Pest Management Services for efficient and sustained results to control losses in raw and finished materials and stocks from infestation by various stored product pests. PIXA is a Licensed and Certified Pesticide Applicator – Fumigator, Fertilizer, and Pesticide Authority (FPA), ID No. 072017-204.
PIXA TermX Classic

Covers: Termites

Areas: Commercial, residential

PIXA offers the most comprehensive elimination and long-term protection methods from all destructive termite species. Our TermX Classic programs are available for both pre-construction and post-construction stages of residential or commercial buildings. For years, our professionally-implemented methods have saved home and building owners from costly renovations due to termite damage.

Covers: Drywood Termites, Powder-post Beetles, and other wood-infesting insects

Areas: Commercial, residential

PIXA's Wood-PRO is very ideal and highly recommended for new construction or renovation projects. When it comes to protecting wood from infesting insects, as well as from decay and stain-causing fungi, it's always best to trust PIXA's professional services for comprehensive treatment.

Hygiene management services

Having an environment that your customers and employees can feel safe in has never been more important. With our hygiene management solutions, we can help manage infection and contamination in environments such as medical and food processing establishments. Our solutions are also highly recommended for the containment of Covid-19 in offices, hotels, restaurants, and even residential or commercial spaces.
IPM-Compliant PIXA Barrier-PRO Devices and Hygiene Maintenance Chemicals

Covers: Insects and disease Pathogens

Areas: Commercial, residential

Our IPM-compliant PIXA Barrier-PRO includes Pest Exclusion Devices such as the UV Insect Light Traps (ILT), one-way drain trap and similar devices, as well as industrial-grade maintenance chemicals to limit or remove pest breeding areas such as drains or wastewater systems in factories, food establishments and the like.

Covers: Pathogens, diseases

Areas: Commercial, residential

The DTOX disinfection program is a long-time expertise of PIXA. This high-level disinfection service controls unseen microorganisms and disease pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi. From disinfection treatment applications to use of 24/7 UV-C, Filtration and Ionization Air Purification and Disinfection Devices, this program allows for the management of infection and contamination in environments, and is highly recommended for the reliable containment of COVID-19.

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