Yes, you have every reason to be afraid of mosquitoes. This insect tops the list of vectors that transmit the deadliest diseases globally, such as Malaria, Dengue, Filariasis, Japanese Encephalitis, Chikungunya, Zika, and more.

Common mosquito species

Tiger Mosquito / Yellow fever or Dengue Mosquito / Asian tiger Mosquito

Aedes aegypti; Aedes albopictus

Appearance: Striped legs of white and black or gray

Size: 10mm

These species are documented to be the source of dengue in the Philippines and most of Asia. The Chikungunya virus is also transmitted by these species. Because the female mosquitoes can lay their eggs even in the smallest puddles of clean to slightly-polluted water, it's considered to be a grave concern for urban communities.
Malaria Mosquito

Anopheles spp.

Appearance: Dark brown to black

Size: 4.4mm

The malaria parasitic disease is endemic to certain provinces in the Philippines, typically in rural areas as they prefer to lay eggs in clean, slow-flowing fresh or salt water streams, marshes, or rice fields. The adult is best characterized when at rest, with their bodies pointing at almost 45 degrees towards the surface. Their larvae or wrigglers also lie horizontal to the water surface when they have to breathe in air.
House Mosquito

Culex spp.

Appearance: Pale-to-light brown color, and are adorned with lighter stripes on the abdomen

Size: 3mm

Apart from being relentless biters, there are sub-species that can transmit deadly and debilitating diseases such as Japanese encephalitis and lymphatic filariasis. In the Philippines, cases of encephalitis and filariasis have been reported in remote areas of Palawan and in the abaca plantations of Bicol. They lay eggs in rafts in dirty to slightly dirty waters, and are common in both rural and urban communities.

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Mosquitoes are medically important vectors that need regular management programs

Causes dengue
According to the World Health Organization, dengue is the "most prevalent viral infection transmitted by the Aedes mosquitoes.
Costly medical treatments
The medical treatment costs for dengue and other diseases transmitted by mosquitoes is substantial, and can be stressful for many families
Causes death
Death is a possibility if dengue is not immediately treated

PIXA has the answer

A good management program, employing a sensible combination of non-chemical and chemical measures, can help save families and employees from these health hazards. Meticulous cleaning of surroundings and clearing of vegetation is also very helpful.


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