The TermX Replenishment System

No. 1 in Australia, now in the Philippines!

What is the TermX Replenishment System?

The TermX Replenishment System (TRS) is a chemical delivery system installed around and underneath slabs and structures to enable the regular Re-treatment of homes, buildings, and any other structure for its continuous protection from termites without need for drilling on floors or other disruptive methods.  This permanently-installed termite management system was developed and mastered by international termite management experts and manufactured inside-out specially for termite control, not just a regular PVC pipe poked with holes.

PIXA Corporation is the exclusive partner and only certified installer of the TermX Replenishment System for termite control in the Philippines.

Benefits of installing TermX Replenishment System

High pressure system charging
With a bursting strength of 1800 psi, TermX is the only termite control system that applies foam to cover even the tightest of gaps, leaving no space untreated for the termites to breach into.
Works for new and existing structures
It is flexible and sturdy to neatly wrap itself around the most critical termite entry points, such as plumbing, utility lines and pipes, posts, foundation footings, etc..
Made to last 50 years!
It can withstand the hardest knocks dished out in construction and all the environmental pressure in an existing house or building to ensure the system will deliver the termite control chemicals, as it did the first time it was installed.
Proven by chemical manufacturers
Remember that every chemical product is only as good as how it is applied. With PIXA and our TermX Replenishment System, you get the backing of product manufacturers that the product will work as it promises it will!
Truly green
TermX Replenishment System has zero exposure and disruption to household members. No spray drifts to the air or environment!
Non-invasive to the structure
Once buried around the perimeter of the structure, this replenishable system will create the “Treated Zone”, which is the “Death Trap” for unsuspecting foraging termites.